Friday, January 2, 2015


I have wanted to start yoga for a while.  I did it a little in high school, then never again.  I found a beginners challenge on Instagram, and so I am excited to start with that. It is simply a pose a day - easy!  I am also going to try and find more guides for me to get into it.  I feel it can only help for both running and surfing.  My friend also spoke really highly of Bikram Yoga, and I think there is a place near where I live back home, so I will look into that too.

The first day, the bridge pose.

I did my run this morning, just an easy pace.  The hills here kill me!  I am at my parent's house, and if I want a run by the beach I have a huge hill to go over to get there, and of course it is sitting there waiting for me on the way back.  3.5 miles at 9:19 pace.  I tried some surges at the end, just speeding up and slowing down.  Nothing too exciting, and I think I didn't run them long enough.  I figure anything is better than nothing though!

I think I may try hill repeats tomorrow, I'm excited for them!  Weird, I know.  But I have heard running hills is a great way to improve speed and form.

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