Saturday, January 3, 2015


I didn't write about my run yesterday.  I was planning on hill repeats, then I remembered that parkrun was happening.  Parkrun is an organisation that operates all over the world, they offer weekly timed 5km runs - for free!! I joined a while ago, but had never gone to one.  (I don't think they have them in Hawaii, but the one I went to was about 5 minutes away from my parents house in Australia).
I thought it could be a great idea to get a timed 5k under my belt to see where I am now and to give me a base for the year to come.  Great idea!

I arrived feeling very nervous. I'm always nervous before any sort of speedwork.i think I just want to perform at my best, whether it is a race or just 400m repeats - I want to reach my goals!  I went for just over half a mile warm up, then went to start the event.
There where a lot of people running, all different ages and abilities - and a bunch of first timers.  It had a very friendly atmosphere, everyone was very welcoming to the newbies!  The run started and took us through the beautiful park, on trails.  I started out a little too fast, and into the second mile I wanted to quit!  I kept pushing, and had positive splits.  Not the best racing I've done.
Mile 1: 7:51
Mile 2: 8:03
Mile 3: 8:04
Mile 0.1: 7:04

But I got a PR!  I think it was about 20 seconds faster than my previous time.  I finally broke 25 minutes, with an official time of 24:46.  I am extremely happy with this, the last month I have barely run at all -I think I ran 37 miles in December, compared with over 100 for October and November each.

I then cooled down with an easy jog to make my mileage for the day a total of 4 miles.

Now I am excited to have a great base, and see if I can improve on my time.  My ambitious goal may be to now break 24 minutes!

Today I was thinking of a longer run, but my calves are feeling a little sore so I am taking a rest day.  I will start my long runs soon enough!

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