Tuesday, January 13, 2015



Well, I guess that depends on your definition of speed.  For me it was speed, for some it may just be your cruising pace.  I have to stop comparing myself to others.  I think I am slow, however I know plenty of runners out there would love to be at my pace.  I know a few years ago I wanted to be at the pace I am now.  I have just developed to be a little faster.  That isn't enough for me.  I want to go faster!

So, speedwork.  Today's workout consisted of a 2 mile warm up, nice and easy.  I then stopped and stretched a little. (Just like Hal Higdon told me too - check out my training page).  Then it was time for my intervals.  6 x 400m at around 5k pace.  My last 5k that I have run put me at an average of 7:58min/mile.  However, I am aiming for a faster half marathon time so I have upped it to be at my goal 5k time, which is around a 7:39min/mile.  Now I could be running this completely wrong, but I figure 400 meter repeats aren't too far, and 6 of them isn't too many that I can do this goal 5k pace.

My splits:
Avg Pace
119:08.5 2.00 9:34 
21:55.2 0.25 7:41 
31:54.0 0.15 12:40 
41:50.0 0.25 7:20 
51:58.1 0.15 13:07 
61:49.2 0.25 7:17 
71:59.8 0.15 13:19 
81:49.6 0.25 7:18 
91:55.8 0.15 12:52 
101:45.8 0.25 7:03 
112:06.5 0.15 14:03 
121:47.3 0.25 7:09 
132:09.7 0.15 14:25 
1410:19.1 1.10 9:24

Only the first one was close the my goal pace, however if you look at the time it took me to complete the 400m repeats they are very close to what I wanted: 1:47 - 1:53.  So I am very happy with this run! For my recovery periods I walked .010 mile, and jogged 0.05 of a mile, to lead into the next interval.  I finished off with a 1 mile cool down.  I love the fact that my cool down felt easy, but was actually quicker than my warm up.  Definitely running faster makes your easy runs feel easier!  (And yes, I did 1.1 miles as a cool down, I needed to end on 5.5 miles!)

I ended at the beach where my husband was taking photos, so naturally I asked for one of me!

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