Friday, January 9, 2015

how fast?

For my upcoming training plan I am going to use the McMillan Running calculator to work out how fast I should be running.

I really want Greg McMillan's book, (You) Only Faster.  I may have to purchase it in the near future!

I know I probably already run most of my easy runs too fast, so I am definitely going to work on that!
I put in my recent half marathon time of 1:57:26 and a goal of 1:50:00 (yes, quite lofty, but dream big!)

My training paces are:

Easy Run: 9:21 - 10:16
Long Run: 9:21 - 10: 39
Recovery Jog: 10:24 - 11:10

Steady State Run: 8:42 - 9:06
Tempo Run: 8:24 - 8:39
Tempo Intervals: 8:14 - 8:32

400m: 1:47 - 1:53
800m: 3:43 - 3:55
1200m: 5:46 - 6:06
1600m: 8:02 - 8:13

I will try to run everything at one of these paces. I am excited!  I am also going to write these out and stick it on the fridge, along with my training plan.  That way I know what I am going to do each day, so I don't have to go online and figure out what I should be running.

Training starts Monday!

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