Sunday, January 4, 2015

weekly recap

I thought I should do a weekly overview of my training.  Just in case I miss anything during the week, and also so I can see what I have done that week. The perfect time for this will probably be Sunday night/Monday morning. 

This week was just half a week long.  I decided to start this on January 1st for two reasons. 
1) It's the New Year, and what is a better excuse?!
2) I was working until the 31st - I am a tour guide and it doesn't give me much opportunity to really focus on my running when I am away.  (And I won't be touring again for at least another 5 months)

My week:

Thursday: Early morning run, at a moderate pace: 5 miles. 8:47min/mile

Friday: Early morning run, at an easy pace: 4 miles.  9:19min/mile

Saturday: Morning parkrun timed 5k, with warm up and cool down: 4 miles.  8:24min/mile

Sunday: Rest!  Calves feeling a little sore, so decided to stretch them out.

Weekly total: 13 miles

Great start to the year!  I can slowly keep adding the miles.

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