Friday, January 16, 2015


Just as I was getting excited for my weekend runs I go ahead and hurt myself.

I went on a hike this afternoon, went for a little jog and just landed wrong.  My foot rolled in, and I heard a crack.  I was so upset.  My husband came up and saw me, and I leant on him for a little then walked back.  It started to feel better as I walked, but still a little sore.

Now I am at home, with it up, compressed and putting ice on and off.  Let's hope it just gets better.  I had a pace run for tomorrow and a 90 minute long run on Sunday.  I might skip those and try to get back into it next week.

Not the best way to start a training plan.  At least it is at the start, not close to the race.
The view from the hike

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