Monday, February 23, 2015

so many surfs

I woke up yesterday morning not really wanting to do my long run.  But I got up, put my clothes on, ate a few energy chews, filled my water bottle.   Then I grabbed my Garmin.  It had a blank screen. What?!?!  I tried to reset it.  Nothing.  It had been plugged into the computer all night, and somehow didn't charge but drained the battery.  I plugged it into the wall, and it started to charge.

Well.  I could go for a run with just my phone and the Nike+ app.  But then I won't get splits for my run.  And I kind of really need the splits, not for while I am running, but for after the run.  You know, to analyze   (Well, that's what I told myself, we all know that it's a lie.)

So.. I did what any normal person would do.  I went straight back into bed.  My husband didn't believe me that I actually got up and was ready to walk out the door, until he saw that I was fully clothed in my running gear under the covers!

So, instead of getting to run nice and early with cool 60 degree weather, I ended up running mid-afternoon in 80 degree weather.  I didn't want to go later in the afternoon, because there was a possibility of an evening surf.  And I thought it is probably good training to run in warmer weather, as I may need to come race day - you never know what Mother Nature will throw at you.

This run was 90 minutes nice and easy.  I tried to pick up the last half a mile back home.  I am happy with my splits:
Avg Pace
19:32.0 1.00 9:32 
29:16.5 1.00 9:17 
39:23.4 1.00 9:23 
49:24.7 1.00 9:25 
59:29.4 1.00 9:29 
69:31.7 1.00 9:32 
79:38.0 1.00 9:38 
89:38.1 1.00 9:38 
99:28.9 1.00 9:29 
104:37.7 0.52 8:51

The best part about yesterday was getting in two surfs in one day.  That has not happened for a very long time.  It was amazing.  The water was fantastic.  The evening surf was a little sore!  My legs were dead from the long run, and my arms were so tired from surfing in the morning.  I woke up during the night last night, and was so sore! Such a good sore.

day I made myself get up and do three easy miles.  This was tough.  My legs felt so tired.  But I managed.  I was soaking in sweat after my run from the humidity in the morning.
Avg Pace
19:28.4 1.00 9:28 
29:31.1 1.00 9:31 
39:28.0 1.00 9:28 
4:01.6 0.00 5:57

Not from anytime recent, but at least I am surfing in bikinis!
Then my husband and I checked the surf.  I was devastated when I saw the water.  Fun, small, clean surf on a beautifully sunny day.  That meant I had to surf!  I was so tired!  I went out thinking I will use it as a sunbathing session, if I manage to have the strength to paddle into a couple of waves it will be a bonus.  I actually ended up getting quite a few - so definitely worth the effort!  Surfing definitely isn't an 'exercise' for me.  It is a great workout, don't get me wrong, but it is just so much fun.

I finished off my exercise for the evening with Kayla Itsines' BBG.  I am re-starting.  I am excited - I want to look my best before my birthday in May - that's my motivation!

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