Thursday, February 12, 2015

it's tempting not to run a tempo run

I set my alarm for 6:30 this morning, but did not want to get up.  Actually, as I type this I realize this isn't unusual.  Pretty much every morning I go through the same thoughts.  I could run later, maybe I can have a rest day today, maybe I will just switch my runs.  The list goes on.  Usually, I lay in bed for a good while, check Instagram on my phone and then say to myself, "Do you want to get faster?  Do you want to run this half marathon?" And I get up and get to it.  Instagram is a great motivator, most East coast people I follow ran about 6 hours earlier, and have posted their runs!

My run ended up starting after 7am.  My legs were tired, I wasn't feeling too good.  During my first mile I thought about doing a 3 mile run today and a tempo tomorrow (see, that switching thing again).  I thought to myself, what if this was a race today?  Would I just give up?  So, After the first mile I thought I would run about 5 minutes at a faster pace, then turn around and head home.  Then I pushed it a little more, then once I turned back to head home I kept pushing myself to go that little further.

Avg Pace
19:44.1 1.00 9:44 
28:28.2 1.00 8:28 
38:15.2 1.00 8:15 
48:50.4 1.00 8:50 
54:44.7 0.54 8:51 

Before and during this run I didn't feel great.  But having done it, and hitting good times I am so happy I pushed myself.  Sometimes you don't feel great, but you just need to suck it up.  It's mostly mental.  Though, in saying that you need to listen to your body.  For me, I know it is mostly mental and I need to work through it.

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