Monday, February 16, 2015

race pace and long run

My last few runs:

Pace Run
Saturday my training schedule called for 3 miles, I mis-read it and thought they were meant to be at race pace.  I warmed up for a mile, then tried to run at race pace for three miles, then cooled down for a mile.  My race pace ended up being faster than I wanted, with the last mile at 7:51 - oops!  It felt good though, the wind was at my back for the last half of the three miles, which made it a little easier.
Avg Pace
19:22.0 1.00 9:22 
28:36.8 1.00 8:37 
38:23.1 1.00 8:23 
47:51.0 1.00 7:51 
59:07.1 1.00 9:07 

Long Run
Running along Rainbow Bridge
My long run was to be and hour and a half long: three quarters at a nice and easy pace, and then to pick it up for the last quarter.  I have always wanted to do this, but by the time I get to where I want to pick up the pace I feel tired and keep going at the easy pace.  Sunday was different.

I went in with a different mindset.  I said to myself right before I was to pick up the pace that I was using different muscles.  That I ran hard yesterday, and I didn't need to run that hard today, just to pick it up a little.  I want to run my next half marathon at around 8:45min/mile (fingers crossed!) so anywhere around that pace would be great.  I surprised myself.  I picked it up nicely. 8:40, 8:25 and then 8:23 for the last 0.6mile.

Avg Pace
19:51.2 1.00 9:51 
29:35.3 1.00 9:35 
39:33.2 1.00 9:33 
49:34.1 1.00 9:34 
59:46.4 1.00 9:46 
69:38.4 1.00 9:38 
79:41.9 1.00 9:41 
88:40.4 1.00 8:40 
98:25.1 1.00 8:25 
105:16.7 0.63 8:23

Easy Run

Today I went out to Runner's Hi and bought new shoes!  Two pairs of Kinvara 5's!  I was almost going to buy a different type of shoe, but the last time I bought a different type I really regretted it.  They were just not very good.  I thought this time I would stick with what I know.  Next time I will research shoes a little and try something new.  These shoes made me run my easy run too fast!  my three miles today were too fast!  

Avg Pace
18:56.0 1.00 8:56 
28:58.9 1.00 8:58 
38:55.2 1.00 8:55 
4:02.5 0.00 9:21

I also have the laziest dog ever.  Eating his dinner from bed!  Love this pup!

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