Friday, February 6, 2015

very sore, but in a good way!

Wow.  I am still sore.

The husband and I decided to go and explore yesterday.  We headed over to Koko Head to do a crazy hike.  Looking from the road, you can see the old tram line that you follow up to the top of a crater's edge.  It looks intense, and it is!

We climbed our way up, and then spend a lot of time at the top recovering!  It was definitely worth all the steps you climb to get up there, the views are incredible!

By the time we got back down our legs felt like jelly!  What a work out!  I cannot believe people run up and down this trail!!!

Then, we decided to cool off at Hanauma Bay, a beautiful bay for snorkeling - it is quite touristy, but the fish are amazing.  I went out for only a few minutes, with my flippers my ankle hurt quite a bit, I decided it would probably be best to rest it a little.  Though in the small amount of time I saw amazing fish, and even some coral close to the shore.

Today I woke up feeling sore!  From my hill repeats on Tuesday, and my hike yesterday, I didn't think I could do my tempo run!  I decided to head out, and get in an easy run even if that is all I could do.  After a few minutes I decided I didn't feel too bad, and gave the tempo run a shot.

Avg Pace
19:30.0 1.00 9:30 
28:20.7 1.00 8:20 
38:09.5 1.00 8:09 
44:35.3 0.50 9:08

A bit faster than what I should have done, and I could tell as I stopped during my run - which I probably shouldn't be doing as a tempo run is meant to be at a pace you can maintain for an hour.  Oops.  I will keep working on that. 

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