Tuesday, February 10, 2015

my last few runs

I am terrible at keeping up on what I have been doing with my runs.

So, from most recent to least, here is what I have been running the last few days.

Today was speedwork.  I did 8 x 400m (or .25 of a mile), with about 0.15 of a mile rest in-between.  I walked the first 0.10, then jogged the last 0.05 to get myself ready to run again.  This workout was meant to be done at 5k pace.  However, I ended up being faster.  Not good.  i need to work on doing it correctly!

Avg Pace
19:50.7 1.04 9:27 
21:51.7 0.25 7:27 
31:54.4 0.15 12:43 
41:51.9 0.25 7:28 
51:54.1 0.15 12:41 
61:51.0 0.25 7:24 
71:56.7 0.15 12:58 
81:51.2 0.25 7:25 
92:00.2 0.15 13:22 
101:47.0 0.25 7:08 
111:56.4 0.15 12:56 
121:43.6 0.25 6:54 
131:56.5 0.15 12:57 
141:42.5 0.25 6:50 
151:50.6 0.15 12:17 
161:42.8 0.25 6:51 
171:42.1 0.15 11:21 
1811:49.0 1.26 9:23 

In saying that I needed to go slower, the last four 400m were faster than the first four.  And my last 400m was fast, and not slower than the first.  So I am definitely happy about this run.

The best thing about speedwork is that you are focusing solely on what you are doing at that moment, and not looking at how many miles you are doing, so the time flies by.  I love it!

Easy Run
Yesterday was an easy run of 3 miles:
Avg Pace
19:24.2 1.00 9:24 
29:09.6 1.00 9:09 
39:02.6 1.00 9:03

I didn't look at my watch at all during this run, just tried to keep it easy.  I am pretty happy with my pace!

Long Run
My long run on Sunday was 90 minutes.  Because this run is my first long run back from my injury I didn't mind going shorter, but I was feeling good so I decided to go for the full 90 minutes.
Avg Pace
19:36.7 1.00 9:37 
29:37.0 1.00 9:37 
39:29.8 1.00 9:30 
49:28.0 1.00 9:27 
59:33.0 1.00 9:33 
69:31.9 1.00 9:32 
79:30.3 1.00 9:30 
89:44.7 1.00 9:44 
99:10.6 1.00 9:10 
104:18.3 0.51 8:24 
We had a cool morning for this long run, it felt so nice to run.  I didn't look at my watch once during this run - I was trying to keep it easy and go by feel.  Mile 8 was going up a hill at the end, and mile 9 is coming back down, which explains the times - otherwise I was pretty even (except for that last 0.5, where I tried to push myself).  I am going to try to add in a hill around mile 9 of my longer runs to help prep me for Diamond Head that will happen at around that time for the half marathon.  I am a little nervous about that part of the run!

Race Pace Run
On Saturday, the day before my long run I did a 'race pace' run.  It was 3 miles, so I did a mile warm up, ran three miles hard, then a mile to cool down.  I definitely ran this one too hard.  I am wanting my race pace to probably be at around 8:45-8:55 during the half marathon, so next time I will try to keep it more in line with that.
Avg Pace
19:25.4 1.00 9:25 
28:28.8 1.00 8:28 
38:20.1 1.00 8:20 
48:12.1 1.00 8:12 
59:08.4 1.00 9:08 
6:01.8 0.00 9:10 

I am happy with the first mile at race pace, but then I went too fast.  I got tired quickly, and so I know I can't hold that pace for the length I want.  I just need to slow it down a little.

Overall I am pretty happy with my running.  I need to work on my pacing, but everything seems to be going along nicely.

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