Tuesday, February 3, 2015

hill repeats...

... are death.

I didn't even want to run.  The Husband was driving me to the trail area, where it is about a mile until it goes uphill - the perfect place to do these repeats.  It was so windy and the rain was pouring down.  It's not cold - it's Hawaii, but I didn't want to go.  He was going to walk The Dog, but he wouldn't be able to in this kind of weather.  I said we could just get coffee and I can try later.  He refused.  He said, 'No.  You are going to run.'  Thank you so much, Husband!  My biggest supporter, willing to sit in the car and wait while I run.

I think today was the first day I did hill repeats 'correctly'.  I think every other time they aren't long enough and I just do them until I am tired and give up.  On my plan was 7 repeats, of about 200-250 meters.  I ended up doing 5.  I am happy with this.  I decided to change it to 5 because I have been out injured for a little while, and this was my first time doing any sort of hills for quite some time.

I started with a mile warm up, then ran the repeats - I walked and jogged back down the hill to my starting place and started running up the hill again.  Then I did about a mile cool down.

When I was running the repeats, I tried to just get up the hill.  I didn't try to run it fast, but I did try to run it.  Wow - my legs hurt.  On the first one I said, how many do I have to do before I can call it a day?  I wanted to end on three, then I said the fourth would be my last repeat.  Then I thought that wouldn't sound good on paper and pushed it to five.  This I am happy with - I think it is a great starting point.  It is just over a kilometer uphill, and I can keep improving on this.  Next time (either next week or the week after) I will try for six, possible seven repeats.

From my Garmin:

Avg Pace
19:40.2 1.00 9:41 
21:41.9 0.15 11:13 
32:11.2 0.15 14:35 
41:41.2 0.15 11:15 
52:02.5 0.15 13:34 
61:43.3 0.15 11:29 
72:00.1 0.15 13:20 
81:42.5 0.15 11:20 
92:05.4 0.15 13:56 
101:42.7 0.15 11:25 
111:57.4 0.15 13:00 
1210:02.7 1.04 9:36 

As much as this run hurt, I feel great now.  I cannot wait to keep pushing myself and see my times improve.

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