Saturday, February 21, 2015

easy-ish runs

This morning I went for an easy run.  On my training plan I was meant to do a pace run, which if I had a mile warm up and cool down it is 5 miles.  However, last week I did my pace run, and then did a 3/1 long run.  So, to keep things even I ran this run a little easier.

I am always amazed by how beautiful it is in Hawaii.  I love running here.  I decided to head to Haleiwa Ali'i Beach Park to check the surf, it's almost 2 miles away.

So, I did want to go a little faster though, because I am just going to go easy tomorrow for my long run.  I decided to add in my middle two miles at a faster pace.  I also did a few surges at the end of the run.

I am feeling good!

Avg Pace
19:23.2 1.00 9:23 
28:44.7 1.00 8:44 
38:39.6 1.00 8:40 
48:59.6 1.00 9:00 

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