Tuesday, March 24, 2015

intervals and race pace

This morning I actually woke up well rested and ready to run.  Well, at least my mind was ready to run.  As soon as I started the excuses also started up.

On the cards was 4 x 1600m.  I was planning on a mile warm up and cool down, and a quarter of a mile rest between repeats.  I went out nice and slow.  My legs felt tired.  I worked it out, if I did what was planned it was 7 miles.  7 miles!  That is ridiculous! I can't run 7 miles as a 'normal' run (i.e. not a long run).  I thought about doing half a mile warm up and cool down.  But at the half mile point, my legs didn't feel warmed up.  I kept going.

I thought about only running 3 repeats.  That means 1 mile less.  Take off the recovery, that means 1.25 miles less.  Yea.  I can do that.  So after my mile warm up, I went on to try and find my race pace.

I went a little too quick.  8 minutes 30 seconds for the first mile.  I was feeling a little better.  I walked for 0.1 of a mile, then jogged for 0.15 to reach a quarter of a mile.  I decided I could turn around half way through my next repeat and head back.  I tried to go easier, and focus on slowing down.

Half way through the repeat I thought I would go a quarter of a mile more, let's make it an even 3 miles, then I can turn around - for a total run of 6 miles.  That sounds good.

I reached three miles, and thought, well - I only have a quarter of a mile to go until the end of my repeat.  I can do 4 repeats.  And that was it.  Four repeats in the bag!  Sometimes you just need to trick your mind.

My splits:
Avg Pace
19:50.7 1.00 9:48 
28:30.1 1.00 8:30 
33:16.0 0.25 13:04 
48:36.8 1.00 8:37 
53:08.8 0.25 12:32 
68:30.6 1.00 8:31 
73:03.6 0.25 12:15 
88:18.8 1.00 8:19 
93:03.3 0.25 12:14 
109:19.0 1.00 9:21

The second mile I tried to slow it down a little.  The third I just ran comfortable hard, and didn't look at my watch.  The fourth was tough.  I ran faster than my race pace, and the end hurt.  By the end of it I was happy I was done!

I am so happy I managed to convince myself to go out and run this workout.  It was tough, my legs felt tired - but not sore in anyway.  A huge motivation is knowing there are great runners out there, and they do it.  They are fast, but they work for their speed.  

If I want to get faster I need to put in the hard work.

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