Friday, March 20, 2015

i have a confession to make...

I hate running.  That's it.  That is my confession.  I hate stop cuddling my husband and dog in the morning to get out of my comfy bed to go and run.  I hate having to put my evening on hold, when I don't get out of bed to go run.  I constantly wonder why I am doing what I am doing - that it would be so much easier to just give up.

When I start to run I constantly think of ways to finish my run early.  I could put off the run I was meant to do to today, tomorrow.

But I do it.  I do it because I want to improve.  I want to get faster.  That, and the fact that after I finish I run I feel my absolute best.  There is really a runners high.  I always thought it was meant to happen during a run, which I guess it does.  I've had it occur once or twice.  But I always feel great after a run.  Maybe not right away, but give it 10 minutes and I feel like I can conquer the world - or at least my next race.

If you want something, you fight for it.  I want to be faster.  So I get out of bed, I put my evenings on hold and I run.

This evening was 5 x 800m repeats.  Something necessary for getting faster, intervals.  And I did them successfully!  I almost died at the end, but I am so happy that each one was faster than the next.

This is one of those reasons I keep running.  The feeling that I gave it my all, and I succeeded.  Running is one of those things that you get out what you put in.  And in a way, that is also why I love it.

Avg Pace
110:35.0 1.14 9:16 
23:55.8 0.50 7:52 
32:48.5 0.25 11:14 
43:51.7 0.50 7:44 
52:44.9 0.25 11:00 
63:50.2 0.50 7:40 
72:45.1 0.25 11:01 
83:48.5 0.50 7:37 
92:49.4 0.25 11:18 
103:48.1 0.50 7:36 
112:38.6 0.25 10:32 
1210:22.8 1.11 9:23 

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