Friday, March 6, 2015

Tempo Runs

I woke up yesterday morning not feeling that great.  Just something going on with my tummy.  I decided not to run.  I left work a couple of hours early that afternoon, went home, ate and relaxed a little.  Then, at the last minute I decided I felt ok and should try to get in my tempo run.

I was scheduled for a 45 minute tempo run.  That wasn't going to happen - not enough sunlight for that (and the roads up here are treacherous - so many pot holes and missing parts, I do not need another injury!).  I decided to go for a little shorter, and try for a little faster.

My tempo runs are meant to be around the 8:20-8:40 minute/mile pace.  My warm up was a little faster than normal, and my pace felt good - tough, but good.

Avg Pace
18:45.2 1.00 8:45 
28:07.9 1.00 8:08 
38:06.3 1.00 8:06 
48:38.1 1.00 8:39

It definitely hurt to get that 8:06 for the 3rd mile.  I am glad I pushed myself though!  It was almost 10 minutes shorter than what it was meant to be, but I think I made up for that by working harder!

I missed my Tuesday morning speedwork (again!) so I am going to attempt that tonight.  I was meant to be doing four 800 meter repeats at a 10k pace.  I am thinking of pushing it to 5, as I did 4 last week.  Last week I did them faster than I should have, so I might really try to do them my 10k pace, which is 8:35minute/mile - this is 4:15mins - 4:25mins per 800m.

I want to keep it slower than last week, as on my schedule for the weekend is a 4 mile race pace run, and a 1 hour and 45 minute long run.  The long run is meant to be three quarters slow and one quarter fast, but I did that last week so I might go slow for the whole thing, then do the 3/1 next week.

You can see my training plan here.  I have updated with my march schedule.  I really need to find the time to write in what I actually did.

And to leave you with my motivation for the week.

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