Friday, March 6, 2015

5 x 800m

I did it!  I went out to run 5 x 800m.  I wanted to keep it at around 8:20min/mile for the 800 meter repeats.  However, the wind was at my back when I started, which lead me to a faster first 800.  I tried to keep the second slower.  Then it was pointless, I know myself.  I like to try to hit negative splits.

Avg Pace
113:40.4 1.50 9:08 
23:57.7 0.50 7:56 
32:23.4 0.25 9:34 
43:54.0 0.50 7:48 
52:22.0 0.25 9:28 
63:54.8 0.50 7:50 
72:22.9 0.25 9:32 
83:53.9 0.50 7:48 
92:23.9 0.25 9:36 
103:49.8 0.50 7:40 
112:37.1 0.25 10:28 
127:09.5 0.75 9:33

So... I did go a little too fast.  But I felt good, except for the last 800 meter.  That one was tough.  I tried to push it at the end. 

I ran for a mile and a half for a warm up - this was mainly because I was trying to figure out the best way to get home with even mileage!  Three quarters of a mile to cool down.

I'm not sure what I will be doing tomorrow for my run.  It will be at least 4 miles.  If I do an easy run, it will be four miles, if I go for race pace, it will be four miles at that pace, plus a warm up and cool down.  I want to do my BBG workout too, because I didn't get it in today - last workout for week 2! Only 10 more weeks until perfect abs!  

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