Wednesday, April 1, 2015

another long run in the books

My friend had a birthday-do on Saturday night.  It was in Waikiki, and I live on the North Shore.  It's maybe a 45 minute drive without traffic. (Bahaha.  There is always traffic).  I was planning on doing my long run Sunday morning, but with a late night I realised this probably wouldn't happen.

I felt off Sunday afternoon/evening.  I just wasn't feeling it.  Not sick, but just not right.  I decided to leave my run for the day, take a rest day and try for Monday morning.

I woke up Monday and knew I had to get in my long run.  It is less than two weeks until The Hapalua Half Marathon, and if something comes up this weekend I needed to have this long run in the books.  

I wasn't motivated to run.  I had to do my longest run in quite some time, probably since the Disneyland Half back in August.  It was scheduled to be a two hour run.

I started off nice and slow, just keeping it easy.  This run is all about time on your feet, not how fast you can go.  I wanted to run for about 7 miles, then climb a hill for at least half a mile, then head back home.  However at about the third mile my stomach was feeling off, so I looped around to find a bathroom (TMI?!, which I found at mile 5.  I then started up again, this time heading for my trail where there is a nice hill.  I ran up it a little, but honestly it probably wouldn't even count.  I then headed back home.

It was a tough run.  It was lonely.  I don't listen to music since I lost my iPod back in May last year, and haven't been able to get a new one.  I run alone.  I have to deal with the doubts in my head.  The last 15 minutes were especially hard.  My legs feel ok.  I am running easy.  But my head is telling me this is awful.  It is hard to push through it.

I managed to ignore my doubts and push on, and now I have a two hour run in the books!  The best thing is I know I can complete the half marathon, even if it isn't my best time - and that is reassuring!

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