Thursday, April 2, 2015

good runs

Yesterday was a great day.

I wrote about how my long run felt kind of bad.  It wasn't the best run.  My paces were fine, but mentally I just didn't feel it.

Yesterday - wow - my runs felt so different!

I started in the morning with a three mile run.  I had wanted to do 6 x 800m intervals, but I had forgotten my water.  There is no way I am doing that kind of workout, in the kind of heat and humidity we have here, with no water.  So, instead I opted to do a three miler at an easy pace.

It went really well, I started slow, and then decided to push - just a little bit.  I thought to myself if I couldn't get to do a run later in the afternoon that I would at least be happy with a three mile run at a bit faster of a pace.  I tried to stay comfortable, and lucky for me the wind was at my back for the last 1.5 miles - so it felt warm, but a bit easier!

The splits:
Avg Pace
19:32.5 1.00 9:33 
28:43.4 1.00 8:44 
38:25.2 1.00 8:25 
4:01.7 0.00 9:37 

During the day, I went to the optometrist, as I need new contact lenses.  He dilated my pupils.  Which made them super sensitive to light, and I went home to rest.  (after a huge dilemma with a dead car battery and my husband trying to change it, but the old one was corroded in place - luckily he was able to.)  

After sleeping for most of the afternoon (which I love and am so glad I had a reason to, so I didn't feel guilty!)  I got up, had some coffee and then decided that I would attempt the 6 x 800m.  

My 6 x 800m is meant to be run at 10k pace.  Now, I have run a couple of 10kms races before, however they are always before a half marathon (thanks Disney) and I always take them super easy.  I have run one during training that was a bit faster, but I think I stopped a few times during it, and subsequently paused my garmin.  Anyway, the point is I have been basing my 10k times of this - around an 8:35 pace.  I wanted all of my 800m repeats to be around the 8:20-8:30 pace.

I set out with a one mile warm up, then went into the repeats.  The first one I tried to hold back.  When the buzzer on my garmin goes off I want to run fast.  I tried to hold my pace, and kept trying to keep it at around 8:30.  The second mile was exactly the same.  I felt myself keep trying to speed up, but I tried to slow down - focus on my breathing, and try to relax at a slightly faster than normal pace.  The third I decided to go a little faster, telling myself after my recovery period I could stop and take a little rest, if I wanted.  When I run repeats, I like to run on a running/biking path right near my house.  I go up one way, then turn around and come back home - a nice out-and-back.  Once I turned around, the wind was blowing straight towards me, and it cooled me down so I felt like I didn't need that rest I had promised myself.  I pushed on.  Now, I do have issues with wind.  It feels that you are working so much harder to keep the pace that I never know how fast to actually run.  I had been trying not to look at my watch, and just ran, I checked my watch half way through and was at about an 7:55 pace, so I tried to slow it a little.  The fifth repeat, I decided to go a little faster, but keep it in check, as I still had one more repeat to do.  The sixth repeat I went at the same speed as the fifth, but for the last half I tried to go faster, and finish fast.

My splits:
Avg Pace
19:32.9 1.00 9:34 
24:10.3 0.50 8:21 
32:02.7 0.20 10:14 
44:05.7 0.50 8:11 
51:58.0 0.20 9:50 
64:01.7 0.50 8:03 
71:58.5 0.20 9:53 
83:59.9 0.50 8:00 
91:56.0 0.20 9:40 
103:57.6 0.50 7:55 
111:58.6 0.20 9:53 
123:38.8 0.50 7:18 
131:58.3 0.20 9:51 
148:56.2 1.00 8:55
I am so happy with this run.  Every 800m was faster than the last.  I would have been happy if they were all at the first 800m pace.  Now, I am not sure if I am running this correctly, but I am happy with my effort.  My legs felt good.  I am trying to listen to my body and not go too fast too soon.  This is my last 800m repeats before the half marathon, and maybe for my next sets I will try to bump up the speed a little, maybe to keep all of them at around an 8minute/mile pace.

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