Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I went out and ran 4.15 miles this morning.  It seemed fitting, given the date.  It was an easy/recovery run.  I didn't care about pace, I was just trying to enjoy the run.  I thought about the people that were at the Boston Marathon 2 years ago.  I thought how some will never be able to run again.  This run was for them, and I tried to enjoy it as much as possible.

It gave me time to also think about my goals.  One day, I want to qualify for Boston.  I have a whole lot of work ahead of me.  Until I am 35, my BQ (Boston Qualifying) time is 3:35.  That is fast, that's 8:12min/mile fast.  My goal for my next marathon is to get under 4 hours.  That's 9:09 min/miles.  I think I can do that.  Not tomorrow, but definitely in December.  I am going to work my butt off to get there.

One small hiccup in my training for this year is, that I will have about 8 weeks were I will be away working.  And my work is going to be pretty much 24 hours a day, for those 8 weeks, with little time to spare.  Time is definitely not on my side.  Every two weeks I will get a day or two off, and I can fit in a long run, however the rest on the time I will be trying to work on my speed.  I am thinking of making up workouts based on time, not distance, and use them when I can.  Every two weeks I will aim for a 10+ mile run.  But I have time,  I don't leave for work until late June.  And when I come back I still have about 3 months to fully train for the Honolulu Marathon.

And, my splits from this mornings run:
Avg Pace
110:11.9 1.00 10:12 
29:27.0 1.00 9:26 
39:20.8 1.00 9:21 
49:23.9 1.00 9:24 
51:23.5 0.15 9:21

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